Questions and answers

1. Do I need vaccinations and protection for malaria?

You should ask for advice at your local health department. The Ukutula area is a low risk area for malaria.

2. Can I buy mosquito and insect repellent?

You will have to buy this in advance.

3. How are the weather conditions at the Ukutula Lodge?

The winter months are mild and sunny, the summer months are warm. The temperate savanna climate ensures many pleasant days with maximum temperatures. In the summer it’s usually not warmer than 30 degrees and in winter,  the daytime temperature is almost always warmer than 15/16 degrees. What you notice is that at night it can be reasonable cool.

4. Can I pay with my credit or bankcard at the lodge for my drinks?

Yes  you can

5. Is there Wifi?

Yes we have Wifi